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Will Prichard is a farmer from Pembrokeshire who’s herd of Friesian, Jersey and Shorthorn cows graze at his farm in Letterston, near the costal town of Fishguard. Will became involved in yoghurt making after visiting countries in mainland Europe and noticing how much more yoghurt they consume and how they seem to win international football tournaments more often than us. He wondered if there was a connection. Every day Will would rise early to milk and tend to his herd and every evening he would watch lorry loads of his handiwork (with a little help from the cows of course!) disappear up the farm drive to be made into butter or cheese at large factories. He wondered if he could do more with it, possibly produce his own dairy product, one which would be healthy, tasty and great value to the good people of the UK. One that might even help win the world cup!

Jamie Adams farms dairy cows in Pembrokeshire too. He has been friends with Will since they were in the local Young Farmers Club together. Whilst enjoying a pint at their favourite rural local one Saturday night, Jamie, an organic Farmer,who lives on the busy tourist path to St. Davids expressed his disappointment that he could not share his wonderful produce with the many locals and visitors who admire the stunning costal scenery around his farm. It was not long before the two ideas were fused and a brand new product was being planned for sale in and around Pembrokeshire.

After years of massive investment in Consultancy, product research, focus group work, Package design, Logistical planning and endless sales and budgeting meetings the product has now reached the market place.

Actually the last bit is a lie. After two more pints of real ale and a packet of chips on the way home the business plan was completed, Will & Jamies Yoghurt drink was born.